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In the world increasingly dominated by ICT, it is surprisingly that language teachers are often faced with demands to integrate these technology into their classes. It is also the case that new technologies have had a major impact on learning language. 

            In addition to the implications they have for what we teach, new technology also have influenced the ways we teach, providing alternative approaches to traditional materials and methodologies. This obviously offers opportunities for learners to engage with the creative process of construction and for teachers to help make their language learning more transparent and effective (Pennington 1993).

             We can hear the fashionable phrase good communication skills widely bandied about these days. The skills themselves, however, are anything but modest in practical effect – without them, you cannot function efficiently. These lessons offer a range of strategies and knowledge for the students to refer to as their other source of learning. Recently, there has been awareness among the instructors from both academic institutions and corporate industries to design their own teaching for their students (Baharuddin Aris 2008).  So, with this courseware, I hope that I can be one of these instructors to create another teaching material that can be used by other students.

            Technology is not a method but a resource which can support a variety approaches (Warschauer 2002). But despite this, computer is being used in a variety of different ways in L2 classes; as instructors, as communication tools, and as informants about language.



Communication is a people-process. And effective communication is simply good “people relations.” It’s not a matter of technique or gimmicks; it is a matter of sensitivity and understanding and responsiveness. It’s hard work. But you can be effective if you really want to be. And if you work at it.


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The first lesson addresses the different channels and manners in which we communicate whether verbally and nonverbally. The issues that we will explore in this lesson are including the communication principles, strategies to effective communication skill and active listening.




5 principle
                                                 (Rhodalyne Gallo-Crail, COTSEAL Workshop)

speaking strategy
                                                                                      (Brown 1994)

                                                                                      (Guth, H. P. 1975)

promote listening
                                                                                      (Asher, J 1977)

                                                                                       (Diekman, J. R. 1979)

Poor communication is a key factor in destructive conflict. Accusatory statements, defensive or inflammatory language, and unwillingness to listen can provoke conflicts and fuel them once they are underway. On the other hand, when there is good communication, conflicts can be resolved peacefully, collaboratively, and without rancor. Like other social skills, communication skills can be taught and learned, and they improve with practice. They are the cornerstone of all training in constructive conflict resolution.


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Now guys, after you understand the first lesson, you can proceed to the next lesson which is focuses on communication between two individual. Conversational skills are emphasized along with condition necessary for establishing a communication relationship, courtesy in conversation, guidelines for participating effectively in conversations and the goal for a conversation.


speaking purpose
                                                                               (Martel, M. 1984)

                                                                             (Miculka, J. 1999)

                                                                               (Miculka, J. 1999)

Oral communication is intertwined with one’s ability to listen.  Listening as in language is a very important component of oral communication.  The silent period is often times the most crucial in the language development.

Good listeners are good responders.  Good listeners know how to negotiate meaning, give feedback, ask for clarification, maintain topic to make understanding or comprehension complete.

 A 4th century Chinese Proverb says it more eloquently:
Not to let a word get in the way of its sentence
Nor to let a sentence get in the way of its intention
But to send your mind out to meet the intention as a guest: 
That is understanding.


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Now, it times for the last lesson where it shows how communication skills affect group dynamics and teamwork. The concepts of the group communication, cohesive and uncohesive group, factors affecting group dynamics, and communicating in group are emphasized.


team com
                                                    (Rhodalyne Gallo-Crail, COTSEAL Workshop)

type ot team

factor effecting group
                                                                                     (Miculka, J. 1999)

com in group
                                                                                    (Miculka, J. 1999)

Well done… You guys already finished all the three lessons from this website… Hopefully you are able to apply all the knowledge that you got from this website to your daily life….

If you want to make your understanding in these lessons you can try all the exercises for each lesson… then text your knowledge by answering all the tests/ quizzes for each lesson in this website….



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Now it’s time for the most exciting part where you do the exercises and take the quizzes using the hot potatoes software… it make this exercises more interesting…

Interactive and innovative exercises & quizzes:

Interactive and innovative exercises:

Please click on any one of the following links to check your understanding of the lessons that you have learned:

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Exercise 2: EX12-JMatch1
Exercise 3: EX13-JQuiz

Exercise 1: EX21-JQuiz
Exercise 2: EX22-JCloze
Exercise 3: EX23-JQuiz

Exercise 1: EX31-JQuiz
Exercise 2: EX32-JMix
Exercise 3: EX33-JMatch

Interactive and innovative Quizzes:

Please click on any one of the following links to test your understanding of the lessons that you have learned:

TEST 1: T11-JMatch
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TEST 1: T21-JMatch
TEST 2: T22-JQuiz
TEST 3: T23-JQuiz

TEST 1: T31-JMatch
TEST 2: T32-JQuiz
TEST 3: T33-JCloze

Have fun in answering and learning these lessons…


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This website have a lot of relevant point and skills that can be learned and used in speaking and communicate more effectively beside the other important language skills like listening. There also the sections for the kind and teachers as well to refer to.  



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This site contains different kind of themes for daily conversation like through phone, greeting and etc. By viewing this site, we will know on how to communicate and speak appropriately according to the situation.



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Below; a lot more website related to the communication skill, speaking skill, and effective communication skill. If you \need more information on this areas, you are encourage to visit all of this website because different website have different point and point of view because of different authors.


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Let relax and enjoy watching the video… it also can help you understand better on communicate effectively…
While watching all these videos, please pick up the important points that related to the lessons…

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